The Non-Tech Guide to Cute Girls Texting Numbers

cute girls texting numbers

Hey! This is Mulanely and today I am going to help you find
some cute girls texting numbers for free.


All you will need to do is make 96 payments of 6.66 cents for

The Non-Teckie Guide to Finding Cute Girls text numbers.”

This guide is so comprehensive, not only does it come with a 777-page book but it also includes an hour and twenty minute DVD explaining how to create emoji for use while texting. Even more fabulous, not only will you get free phone numbers, but you will also kill an hour and a half of your precious time. Of course, the best guide book providers will throw in a CAMWOW cotton towel at no extra cost!

If that does not convince you, some marketing guru will try to catch your pocketbook with some fancy social media campaign that reads, “Order now and I will switch the number of payments around! You heard me correctly, around, from 96 to 69?”

The icing on this cake? The book is usually written by someone claiming to be Dr. Peter North (PHD) and is filled with a massive load of useless information such as:

What is?

*The Phatness Scale* - A girl with a “one” on this scale is considered to be a babe with a butt that is flatter than a day old soda while a ten has a butt so “phat”, “juicy” or “plump” that it makes you want to cry. According to this idiot guide, you must of course set your standards out to at least a five. People, set your own standards, no one should tell you what kind of butt you like and personally this offends me more than you can ever imagine!


*Macing skills* - You need to have your “macing” skills on point. These should be so good that you get burgers for free. Do you know what macingis? If not, then there is no point of reading this guide to begin with.

Editor’s Note: macing = flirting

*Ask* - You need to simply ask questions in order to communicate with women. Do whatever it is to get yourself comfortable enough to ask. I personally do this while in my boxers. Huh? Do not do this, just don’t.


These are the tips that you can gain from this so-called Dr Peter North guide. Men, there is only one thing guiding this Peter and it’s not pointing north. The one hour and twenty minutes DVD will cover exactly the same tips but they will also be dubbed over with the velvety chocolate tones from DJ LittleIceTray. Once you are done crying from the majestic glory of his voice then you can wash away those tears away with the brand name towel included in the deal.

The truth is if you are not carrying gold coins in your pocket and you are not rich and famous getting cute girls texting numbers for free isn’t going to happen.


#1 Girls never give out their phone numbers to strangers, at least they shouldn’t.

#2 Nothing is free online, I repeat nothing!

#3 If you need to resort to this desperation chances are you would never get a number even if it were free.


My advice? Forget the idea of getting cute girls texting numbers for free and try a reasonably safe alternative like

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